An up-to-date overview of important dates:

Saturday, October 6th AND Monday, October 8th 2018                   Thanksgiving Weekend- NO CLASSES

Wednesday, October 31st 2018                                                         Halloween- NO CLASSES

Saturday, December 1st- Thursday, December 13th 2018                 Parents Visiting Weeks

Friday, December 21st 2018 - Sunday, January 6th 2019                 Christmas Holidays- NO CLASSES

(Classes RESUME Mon., Jan. 7th 2019.)

Saturday, February 16th AND Monday, February 18th 2019               Family Day Weekend- NO CLASSES

Monday, March 11th- Sunday, March 17th 2019                                March Break- NO CLASSES

Friday, April 19th - Monday, April 22nd 2019                                       Easter Weekend- NO CLASSES

Saturday, May 18th AND Monday, May 20th 2019                             Victoria Day Weekend- NO CLASSES

Saturday, June 15th 2019                                                                    Last Day of Classes

Sunday, June 23rd 2019                                                                      Professional Recreational Photo Day- Studio A

Monday, June 24th 2019 YEAR-END Recital @ The Rose Theatre, Brampton