The Recreational Program is designed to give students the opportunity to explore various dance forms in a more relaxed environment. 

Students are taught by qualified, enthusiastic and inspirational teachers. Classes are offered in all discipline for students at all ages and ability levels and are a great way to have fun, exercise and meet new friends! All dancers will prepare for an end of the year recital which is an amazing opportunity to be in involved in an on-stage production.

2018 - 2019

Based on 10 mTH year
Sept - June Inclusive

$25 +HST Registration Fee per Family

¾ hour class per week
($58/month) $580/year (+HST)

1 hour class per week
($61/month) $610/year (+HST)

1 hour 15 mins class per week
($64/month) $640/year (+HST)

1 ½ hour class per week
($67/month) $670/year (+HST)

3-Class Package
($145/month) $1450/year (+HST)

Unlimited Recreational Class Package
($225/month) $2250/year (+HST)

Unlimited Recreational Family Package
$225/month + $50/month per additional child (+HST)


Ballet (R.A.D.)

Ballet is the foundation and core of all dance forms. This classical discipline emphasizes body placement and posture to improve strength, control and balance. Students will follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus.



Jazz incorporates ballet technique in a more up-tempo based class. Students work on improving flexibility (including splits) and strength. A typical jazz class will consist of a warm-up, technical progressions (including jumps and turns) and a choreographed combination.



Tap dancing is about mastering rhythm, timing and coordination with your feet. Students are taught tap terminology and technique as well as putting together various combinations and rhythms.


Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a combination of dance and drama. Students will learn how to develop characters and stories through the use of facial expressions and body movement while lip syncing to music. Characters and stories are often inspired from popular Broadway Themes, Musicals or Movies! This discipline works on developing strong performance skills.



Lyrical is a mature dance form that involves interpreting music lyrics and expressing them through dance. Control, balance and flexibility are a necessary component in this discipline. A strong ballet background is required.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a fun, high energy class that is about letting loose! Dancers will learn the newest “street” moves while dancing to upbeat music.



Acrobatics is a combination of jazz and the floor work of gymnastics. Students will learn how to execute gymnastic tricks (including somersaults, cartwheels, and walkovers) and improve their flexibility and control.